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Avada includes a blog shortcode you can use anywhere on the site!

This blog shortcode was submitted by Markus, one of our Avada users and now on our developing team! It just goes to show what an awesome community we have, everyone is willing to help & share ideas. Dont wait, be a part of the Avada community today!

안드로이드 링크 모음 – HTTP, IO, DB, Etc

안드로이드 라이브러리 검색 https://android-arsenal.com/ 유용한 라이브러리 DB Realm - 스레드 문제 해결법 Realm 데이터베이스, 제대로 알고 안드로이드에서 사용하기https://realm.io/kr/docs/java/latest/#queries Realm - 기본 사용법 https://jamie-dev.tistory.com/5https://realm.io/kr/docs/java/latest/ Realm - rx-java 연동 https://riptutorial.com/android/example/14393/using-realm-with-rxjavahttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/48536728/how-to-use-realm-with-rxjava2 Realm - async https://realm.io/docs/java/latest/https://realm.io/kr/docs/java/latest/#asynchronous-queries Room 기본 사용법 [...]

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안드로이드 링크 모음 – 디자인 패턴, 아키텍처, Kotlin, Framework

디자인 패턴 자바 디자인 패턴 - http://iilii.egloos.com/category/%EC%BB%B4%ED%84%B0%EC%A7%88~/list/2디자인 패턴 - https://gmlwjd9405.github.io/tags#%EB%94%94%EC%9E%90%EC%9D%B8%ED%8C%A8%ED%84%B4 Clean architecture Detailed Guide on Android Clean Architecture - https://medium.com/android-dev-hacks/detailed-guide-on-android-clean-architecture-9eab262a9011Clean Architecture는 모바일 개발을 어떻게 도와주는가?[안드로이드] Clean Architecture Language, Extensions https://developer.android.com/kotlin/ktx/extensions-list (KTX)https://heowc.tistory.com/61 (Guava) Navigation https://medium.com/harrythegreat/android-navigation-component-%EA%B0%9C%EB%85%90%EA%B3%BC-%ED%8A%9C%ED%86%A0%EB%A6%AC%EC%96%BC-1-5ac6ac081643 Android [...]

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안드로이드 링크 모음 – 디자인, GUI

디자인 참고 사이트 https://www.uplabs.com/android List of Android UI/UX Libraries 안드로이드 유용한 UI/UX 라이브러리 category 별 모음https://github.com/wasabeef/awesome-android-ui 이하 참고 : https://monsterdesign.tistory.com/1630 안드로이드 공식 디자인 사이트 http://developer.android.com/design/index.html 모바일 디자인 패턴 갤러리 http://www.mobiledesignpatterngallery.com/mobile-patterns.php Inspired UI http://inspired-ui.com Android awesome [...]

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