This document describes how to add Notification and use Filters in RetroWatch app.

See below picture.


I’ve installed “RetroWatch” v1.0.5. (Not the “RetroWatch LE”) And for convenience, I’ve deleted all the RSS address in RSS tab. Then you can see the screen above.

See the red box 1. Each message has 4 parts:



WiFi is on

–> WiFi is on


EMERGENCY is message type. It can be EMERGENCY(system message), MESSAGING(normal message), RSS(RSS content), NOTIFICATION(currently registered notification). is package name(application name). All the messages came from same app has same package name. You can apply a filter to multiple messages with this package name.

WiFi is on” is original message.

“–> WiFi is on” is changed message. This is the string which will be shown on watch.


And see the picture above again. There is no Notification message because we did not set access permission. Click box 2 icon. If you cannot see the icon, touch menu button and select “Notification setting


Enable check-box and you can see the notifications like below picture.


There is a notification message which is made by ““. This notification is not enabled. Let’s send this message to watch.

Touch the message and a dialog pops up.


First menu enables selected message only. Second menu enables all messages that has same package name (generally made from same application). This action makes a filter that activates selected message or messages from same application.

Select second menu. Then message list tab changes like this.


Message’s background highlighted with light blue. This means that this message will be sent to watch in next sync. Let’s see the Filters tab.


Red box is the filter you’ve added. This means:

–> If there’s a message that has same package name with “

–> enable it.

(In case of package name matching, “Replace same part only option” is useless.)

Let’s go back to Message List tab and touch a disabled message. At the pop-up, select first menu “Enable selected message only“. And see the Filters tab.


There’s a new filter that enables message you’ve selected. This filter works like this.

–> If there are messages that has same string with “Connected as a media device(MTP)
–> Enable it.

(In this case “Replace all” option works but replaces original string with exactly same string. So string doesn’t change.)

Do you want to change the string? Sometimes this will be needed to shorten string or convert 2-byte language to English. Because arduino watch supports only English and 16 characters.

Tab the second filter and see the edit-area at bottom in Filters tab.


–> This filter applies to [All type] message,

–> Checks if this message has string that exactly same with “Connected as a media device(MTP)

–> If so, [replace all] of message string to “Connected to PC

  1. (1) is the final string to show on watch. If you leave it blank, this message will be deleted.
  2. (2) If you edited as you like, tab edit button to update.
  3. (3) Select an icon to show with message.

This is how the filter works.