Many games have a core thing in common when you really dig under the surface: there’s almost always a soft nougaty core of C++. Firebase offers native feeling SDKs for Android, iOS, Unity, and the Web which makes it super easy to connect your game or application to its globe spanning infrastructure. Unfortunately these SDKs are fairly difficult to integrate if you live in C++, making them very inconvenient to use for many game developers. Fret not, as Firebase has a cross platform C++ SDK that abstracts away all the platform specific constructs to get your game talking to the cloud as fast as possible!

The Firebase C++ SDK has five platform targets: Android, iOS, and desktop (Windows, Linux, and MacOS). The APIs exposed are identical through all five, but there are some platform specific nuances that need to be covered to successfully compile a game with Firebase and initialize the library. In this post, I’ll cover Android.

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