For those of you that prefer receiving your dose of tech news blurbs in a different format, we’ve expanded Now in Android to exist in articlevideo, and even podcast form.

Now every episode should be coming to you in the ‘classic’ form of these articles on Medium. In addition, there will be a video version of the article where I talk to the camera about that same content, posting it in the new Now in Android playlist on the Android Developers channel on YouTube.

And as long as we have the video, we’re taking the audio from it to publish a new Now in Android podcast, which is now available wherever you consume podcasts.

Also, I’m changing the episode titles (again!) to be the same across all of these formats. So starting with this episode, the number of this article (#12) should match the number of the related video and podcast. I’m doing this because even if you prefer video or audio as your format of choice, you might still want to visit that episode’s Medium article for its handy links.

So get your Now in Android updates however you prefer: it’s the same content, just a different delivery mechanism. Then check back every couple of weeks (ish) for the next one, because the one true thing about software is: there’s always more.

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