Lord Of The Sign Rings: 수화 인식 장치

반지와 팔찌 세트가 수화를 인식해서 음성 혹은 디스플레이로 표시해줍니다. 2013 Red Dot Award 디자인 컨셉 수상작.


  • Sign Language Ring is a translation device in the form of a bracelet with detachable rings.
  • When worn on the fingers of the person using sign language, the rings detect and track the signing motions.
  • These are translated to voice, which is emitted by the bracelet.
  • The user can pre-record their signing movements and assign the appropriate words, which allows the system to be customized to the user’s particular gestures.
  • After use, the rings can be set into the bracelet for storage.

The Sign Language Ring is a 2013 Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winner.

Designers: Cao Zu-Wei, Hu Ya-Chun, Huang Ching-Lan, Liao Po-Yang, Tsai Yu-Chi & Yang Yi-Hsien

Read more at http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/04/09/lord-of-the-sign-rings/#XgD8YRr6XYzH0zzY.99


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