nRF24L01 – 2.4MHz RF 송수신기


An Arduino port of the library. It works with the Sparkfun nRF24L01+ modules.

Note: This library supports a small (but useful) subset of the features provided by the nRF24L01 chip.

Download ->

Also see github repository

Another fork of Mirf that covers attiny cores github repository

Another nRF24L01 library github RF24 repo – This libraries also includes Raspberry Pi libraries/drivers



  • MISO -> 12
  • MOSI -> 11
  • SCK -> 13


  • CE -> 8
  • CSN -> 7


byte cePin
CE Pin controls RX / TX, default 8.
byte csnPin
CSN Pin (Chip select not), default 7.
byte channel
RF Channel 0 – 127 or 0 – 84 in the US, default 0.
byte payload
Size in bytes, default 16, max 32.

NB: channel and payload must be the same for all nodes.


void init(void)
Initialize the module, set the pin modes for the configurable pins and initialize the SPI module.

void setRADDR(byte *addr)
Set the receiving address. Addresses are 5 bytes long.

void setTADDR(byte *addr)
Set the sending address.

void config(void)
Set channel and payload width. Power up in RX mode and flush RX fifo.

bool dataReady(void)
Is there data ready to be received?.

void getData(byte *data)
Get the received data. 'data' should be an array of bytes Mirf.payload long.

void send(byte *data)
Send data. 'data' should be Mirf.payload bytes long.
bool isSending(void)
Return true if still trying to send. If the chip is still in transmit mode then this method will return the chip to receive mode.

NB: Lots more information is available from the status registers regarding acknolagement or failure status. See Mirf.cpp:218.

bool rxFifoEmpty(void)
Is the RX Fifo Empty.
bool txFifoEmpty(void)
Is the TX Fifo Empty.
byte getStatus(void)
Return the status register.
void powerUpRx(void)
Power up chip and set to receive mode. Also clear sending interrupts.
void powerUpTx(void)
Power up tx mode.


See examples folder in zip file.


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