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피지컬컴퓨팅 | Top 40 Arduino Projects of the Web

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출처 : http://hacknmod.com/hack/top-40-arduino-projects-of-the-web/


  1. Make a Simple Wall Avoiding Robot
  2. Basic LED Cube – Learn to Make LED Cubes
  3. How To Smell Pollutants
  4. XBee Wireless Accelerometer
  5. Breathalyzer Microphone
  6. Control Servo Motors with the Wii Mote Joystick
  7. Lo-fi Arduino Guitar Pedal
  8. Positional Memory with a Servo
  9. Miniature Pocket Piano
  10. Dirt Simple POV LED Display see also Wireless POV


  1. How to Build a Self Balancing Segway-like Robot
  2. Website Visitor Blinker – Christmas Bell
  3. Turn Signal Biking Jacket
  4. DIY Musical Keytar
  5. Tweet-a-Watt Wireless Electricity Monitor
  6. RC Car Controlled Via the Web
  7. DIY Gaming with a 3D Controller
  8. Sanguino – Arduino with extra I/O pins
  9. Rocker Scale Measures how Hard You Rock
  10. Hack a NES Controller into a Security Keypad


  1. Interfacing with Maya and 3d Studio Max
  2. Web Based Servo Control
  3. How To Make A Daft Punk Helmet – (see also DIY Daft Punk Suits)
  4. Automatic Head Tracking with Arduino
  5. Pong with the Arduino
  6. Interactive gaming controller
  7. Marble Labrynth controlled using the WiiFit
  8. Connect the the web: Ethernet Shield
  9. Physical Gmail LED Notifiers – RSS Notifier
  10. Robot that Reads and Speaks RSS Feeds


  1. Botanicalls Twittering Plants
  2. Wiimote Controlled Espresso Machine
  3. How to: High Speed Photography using the Arduino
  4. Controlling an RC Car with iPhone and Wii – Another version
  5. Etch-a-Sketch Clock
  6. Open source Game Boy
  7. Electronics Filled, Arduino Powered Room
  8. How-To: Make an RGB combination door lock
  9. Make a UAV Spyplane Using the Arduino
  10. Fantastic Arduino Laser Harp
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